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  Puppeteer, Musician, Educator, 
Master of Ceremonies



Dragon Kev Marta MattCUBiography:


Matthew Romain, the Laughtertainer has been performing imaginative stories and songs, and creating amazing puppets to go with them since 1980. His work in puppetry is known across Canada, and with over 1500 live performances to his credit, the Ontario Arts Council has called him Ontario’s best puppeteer. His keen sense of fun is appreciated by children and adults; his audience sensitivity and rapport make him a welcome guest in any community.


Matthew teaches the art of puppet-making and puppet animation to elementary, high school, and university students. He presents hands-on workshops to teachers, performing artists, and public speakers. Mr. Romain is in demand for television and live theatre productions involving puppetry aspects. Whether animating his huge puppets with the Toronto Symphony at Roy Thomson Hall, bringing characters to life for a Barker Cirquetelevision show, or enlivening a children’s birthday party in a living room, his work consistently receives the highest praise and he is rewarded with the admiration of his audiences and the respect of his peers and presenters.


Matthew is a seasoned Mentor-Level Artist in the Royal Conservatory of Music’s international education development movement Learning Through the Arts program, bringing artists and teachers together to discover creative ways to teach curriculum through puppetry. He has received numerous awards for excellence in his field.



Puppet Show Personas:

Capt'n Matt

Colonel W.D. Quack-horn

M. Hercules Oiseau

Professor Onyurheyd Time Traveller


Emcee Personas:

"The Man from Planet X"


Fake Mayor1

The Fake Mayor

Mr. Barker

M. Arthur Nouveau

The World’s

Most Talented Man


Other Activities

Puppetry music interpretations with symphony

Puppet making and manipulation workshops for adults

Pickin’ & Grinnin’ Sing along Songs

Busking -- Mr. Feathertin the 3rd and His Musical Human.



monkey mayorSM


Mayor Mike Hurst presents the
2002 Mayor’s Awards for Excellence
 to Matthew and his side kick monkey.

Cretien matt


In April of 2002 Matthew was presented with an award
by Mme. Chretien in Ottawa for mentorship.


Matthew Romain with Gerry Connelly, Director of Toronto District School Board. 
Matthew received The Canadian Heritage Collaboration Award,
Gerry received the Gov’t of Ontario Teacher Dedication Award,
Matthew’s puppet friend received a giant novelty bogus cheque for one-gazillian dollars


Romain_Suzuki 2

The Aiko Suzuki Award: To celebrate the memory of Aiko Suzuki
 who transformed the lives of students and teachers in the Learning Through the Arts program
 (LTTA) by so generously sharing her skill and passion as an artist. 
The award is dedicated to an LTTA Mentor artist who, like Aiko,
has passionately contributed to LTTA through artistry, excellence and devotion

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